Let the Preparations Begin

Yesterday, I booked a flight from Winnipeg, Canada, to Zurich, Switzerland.

My first flight. Ever.

This is starting to become very real. A few weeks ago, it was still just a dream, even after I knew that I was accepted to the Snowboarding and Freeskiing DTS in Davos, Switzerland. But now preparations have started and its making everything real.

I mean, I have a plane ticket. What?!

I’ve read about a thousand pins on Pinterest (super reliable research, I know) about how to pack for flying, the best way to ship skis and boots overseas, what to wear on a flight and exercises that strengthen muscles specific to skiing. (Gotta make this season the best if I’m going to have the Swiss Alps in my backyard!) I’ve looked at as many pictures of the Swiss countryside as I can find and have become beyond excited to see them for myself. I’ve fallen to my knees and stared up at the heavens uttering the words, “Is this even real life?” more times than I could even try to count. God is too good to me.

During this planning time, I’m attempting at holding two part-time jobs: one as a waitress at the local bar and grill (from 4pm to whenever we end up closing… usually around 10), the second as a housekeeper at the nursing home (from 6am to 2:30pm. Yup. 6. AM.). Both jobs consist of being very busy and being on my feet the entire shift, and on the days that they overlap, they keep me moving for approximately 14 hours. My feet love it. (Or not.) Even though I may complain some (lets be real; sore feet suck), I really do enjoy both jobs and am super blessed to have employers who were willing to take the time to train me, only to have me on for two months. Total God-thing, if you ask me. Some days it’s more of a struggle than others, but I try to give all the glory to God. For every tip I earn, and every time I punch the clock, I try to thank the Lord that I have the ability to be working as much as I am.

This past week, I started to really feel burnt out and discouraged. I had ended up working both jobs two days in a row, which resulted in not accomplishing anything at home for those days. It started to make me think that I couldn’t do it, that I wouldn’t have time to get everything done. I started to convince myself that two jobs was insane and there was no way I was going to survive two months of this “torture”. After one extremely busy shift at the Grill last Saturday night, I was trying to figure out how to be a better waitress. “I think I just need to get my priorities straight,” I told my mom. And all of the sudden, it clicked. Not only did I need to get my priorities straight at work, but I also needed to get them straight in my life, too. I began to realize that my pride was getting in the way of my relationship with Jesus. I had started to rely on my own strength to carry me through each day and not His. No wonder each day ended in pure exhaustion and frustration!

I might not be able to slow down the pace at work, but I can slow down my pace during my time off. Instead of trying to rush through things, I need to have that quite time with Jesus. I need to take the time to come before my Lord and allow Him to take my burdens. I need to walk with Him, step by step, so that the weight of what’s going on around me doesn’t pull me under. Because, yes. On my own, this will never work. But with God, it’ll all be ok.

He’s got it.


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