It’s been, yet again, another crazy week.

Insane, actually.

This week, the city of Davos hosted the World Economic Forum (WEF), so there were literally tons of big-shot businessmen and other super important people being chauffeured around in shiny, fancy black cars. The city was crazy. At one point, Sarah and I ended up driving around (basically in 3 large circles) for at least 20 minutes looking for parking. It was the definition of insanity. Because of the WEF, we didn’t have lectures this week. Instead, we did what we call “city impact.” What that means is that we’re just out on the streets of Davos doing our best to bless the people around us and spread Jesus’ love. We decided to bake “happy cookies” (aka… sugar cookies with a chocolate smile drawn on them) and hand them out to people walking by. Sounds like a great idea, right? Pretty simple concept…. all you have to do is bake some cookies, stand on a street corner and hand one to every person who walks by right?

Not so much.

For me, at least, it was surprisingly hard to get people to take cookies! Most people were just in such a hurry that they didn’t want to take the time to stop for a cookie. I finally got one person to take one right before we left town on Friday…. and it was child. And she almost didn’t take it. But when she did, I don’t know if she was blessed by that cookie, but I sure was! It was so much fun after being rejected all morning to finally have someone receive the small gift I was offering. Beyond handing out cookies, it was amazing to watch God work through the other students and leaders. For Thursday and Friday, we were able to hit the streets with a few people from and organization called Fingerprint. They were so rad. And by rad I actually mean radical. Like legit. The faith of those guys… they would just be walking along and just stop to talk to someone because they just felt the Holy Spirit telling them to. It was crazy. God was so there with us and the things He did were amazing. Wednesday and Thursday I didn’t feel like I really got to be a part of the street crew because I had physical therapy while the rest of the group was out. But Friday I actually got to be out and participate and it was so much fun. We camped out on a street corner and just played some worship songs and sang our hearts out. Some of the students and leaders were handing out cookies and praying for people while we were just worshiping in the background and it was just amazing. I loved it and would do it more often if we could.

But it’s exhausting. By the end of the week, we were all just dead. So tired. So this weekend was super chill. I may or may not have scrolled through Pinterest while listening to One Direction for more than a couple of hours last night…. and the only thing I accomplished all day today was making 2 thank you cards (for future speakers 🙂 ). It’s been a great time to just rest and recoup and get ready for another full week of lectures starting in the morning. But I’m still stoaked for that too!

I just realized that I titled this post Faithfulness, but I haven’t really explained why. So I guess I’ll do that now. 🙂 God’s faithfulness is just something that I’ve been wrestling with a lot the past couple of days. And it’s funny. I was just talking to Aleah about it a couple of hours ago; about how I’ve felt like I’ve seen God being faithful in the little things this week. For example, Aleah and I were playing one of the boys in foosball (it’s huge here in Switzerland) and were losing pretty badly, but it was just a fun game so no one really cared. But I get competitive and it drives me crazy. So anyways, we’re playing this game of foosball (getting our butts handed to us) and I just prayed (most definitely a 100% serious prayer!) that we would make a goal. Literally 3 seconds after, Aleah made a goal. And I know that might seem like a silly example of God’s faithfulness, but it really stuck with me all week. It just makes me wonder, if God is faithful with those small things, how much more will He be faithful with the big things? So, like I said, I was talking to Aleah about this a couple of hours ago. And pretty much right after we were talking about it, Judy came and told us that we needed to come help unload a truckload of food. It was 8:30pm here, guys. This wasn’t like a truck order of food. This was basically a spontaneous blessing in food form. As we unpacked it, I was just blown away at how crazy good God is. I mean this was a lot of food. Like bread, fruit, veggies, sausage…. so much good food! And while we put it away, I just kept thinking about how faithful God is. Like He just literally dumped free food on us.

If He is faithful with the little things, how much more faithful will He be with the big things?

I’m really excited to find out.

In closing: I just want to let you all where I’ll be heading on outreach! I’m going to be going with 3 other students and 2 leaders to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia! Whoop whoop!! We’re still working out all of the details, so I’ll let you know as I know! Thank you everyone for your prayers! As far as my knee goes, I’m doing ok. 🙂 I feel like it gets a little better every day. I’m walking around without crutches (yay God!) and have virtually no pain. I’ll be doing physical therapy this week as well and will be talking to the doctor again next week about surgery. If you would, please keep praying for continued healing and trust in the Lord! Thanks guys!! 🙂


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