A Couple of Weeks……

Let me tell you a little about one of my favorite places in this house.

Aleah’s bed.

First of all, it’s the comfiest bed in our room. (I mean, she has two freaking mattresses, the hoser.) Second of all, the space between the bottom bunk and the top bunk is tall enough so that you can sit on the bottom bunk (Aleah’s bunk) and not have to hunch over. It’s pretty much the prime sitting/thinking/chatting place in our room. Some of my favorite moments over the past couple of months have been when all three of us girls pile onto Aleah’s bed and talk about life… or just snuggle. Those are the moments that I will remember for years to come. This last week, we’ve probably spent about 10 hours (but actually though) just spending quality time on Aleah’s bed.

It’s been a pretty solid week.

This week, the lecture topic was biblical worldview. While we did talk about a lot of good things in lectures and I really enjoyed our speaker, it was kind of a break week for me. Maybe I checked out too much in lectures (I mean, after a solid hour of hard brain work… I kind of tend to just shut down), but I wasn’t necessarily super challenged by the lectures. But. That gave me time to work through and think about some other things that I’ve been ignoring the whole time I’ve been here at DTS. Monday night, God and I had one of the best conversations ever. I’m not going to go into super deep detail, but the gist of it was God was calling me out and basically told me that if I wanted to leave here changed, I needed to work through the issues that I try to burry and ignore. So. That’s what we’ve been working on this week and that’s what some of the 10 hours on Aleah’s bed were spent discussing.

(In case you were wondering, I am in fact sitting on Aleah’s bed right now. And so is she. And, yes. We might be distracting each other from the work we’re trying to do. So. If this post seems a little scattered, that may or may not be why. Just sayin.)

In other more exciting news, I now have a new phone! So! If you’re trying to get a hold of me, texting is now an option. Due to the wifi shortage (we’ve had some technical difficulties and our access is now a bit limited…), Snapchat and Facebook messaging will be a bit more limited, but they’re still an option. And Trivia Crackers look out…. I’m coming back!!! 🙂

Last week, the speaker challenged us to look at our life and try to recognize the places where we weren’t letting God be in complete control and then give them up to him. He used the illustration of a bouncy ball and a deflated beachball. The beachball did the same thing every time it was thrown on the floor. The bouncy ball… not so much. So his point with that was that we often “give” God control of things but expect him to do a certain thing – like the beachball. But God isn’t like that. And we need to be ok with that. One of my favorite things he said all week was this: God is always consistent, but also unpredictable. We know enough about God’s character to know that He isn’t going to do something harmful, but we might not be exactly sure what that looks like. So we each ended up giving up something. I gave up the way I wanted my marriage to happen. I’ve always had this plan in my head of what it “should” look like and how it should all happen… and that’s basically just really gradually over many years. I don’t usually like to rush into things in general, and especially in something as important as the person you end up married to. I just felt like God was saying that I hadn’t trusted Him fully with that and just to relax and trust that if He’s in control, He’s got the whole marriage thing down too. So that was pretty cool.

Aleah gave up Facebook for the rest of the time we’re here at DTS, which is pretty rad if you ask me. So this week, to support her, all of us girls have been on a technology ban. No Facebook, Insta, Snapchat, Trivia Crack, Messenger, texting, email… nothing. And it’s been a great week. I feel like because of that, we spent so much more time together… actually being present together. Not just sitting there on our phones, but sitting in each other’s company and acknowledging everyone’s presence. It’s been pretty fantastic. My mom always says: wherever you are, be all there. And it’s so much easier when you’re not worried about you phone or beating someone in Trivia Crack or how many likes your last Instagram post got… it’s so freeing! With the limited wifi, we’re all now a little forced to be on our phones and technology less. And to be honest, I can’t even be mad. I already feel like we as a school have spent more time together and I’m excited to see how our group dynamic changes because of this.

So there you go! That’s my update! 🙂 Sorry about skipping a post last week… I hope this one makes up for it. 🙂 Have a great week everyone!


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