Moving Week

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about Aleah’s bed and how it was my favorite place in this whole house. And then this week, on Wednesday to be exact, it was taken away. Gone. In a matter of a few hours, it was dismantled and put away. Sad day. I miss that bed.

Hopefully I survive.

This week, us girls had to move out of the room that we were in and up to one of the apartments on the top floor of the house. (Four flights up, thank you very much. My legs appreciate the exercise….) So, in a sense, Aleah’s bed still does exist, just not the same one. But she does still have a bed, for those of you who were worried. 🙂 Why did we have to move? The school leaders for the Summer DTS are moving in this weekend and will be living in our old room. So while I miss that little room with the great view, it’s worth it. Now we have a full blown apartment – complete with kitchen and living room – all to ourselves. Not gonna lie, it’s pretty great. We celebrated our first night with a tea party in our kitchen. And even though I don’t like tea, it was a good way to celebrate this new season of lecture phase… even if it’s only going to last for 7 more days.


We have one week left on the base. One week left as a whole, complete family. And then, in 7 short days, we’ll split up. Half of us will be flying to Bosnia, and the other half will be headed out to South Africa. I’m super stoked, and I know every one else is too. But that goodbye… well. It’s going to suck. We’ve all spent pretty much every moment of the past 12 weeks together, and now we have to say goodbye for another 14. I still can’t wait, though. I’m so excited to see what God is going to do in both teams. It’s going to be rad. And so worth the separation. Because, after those 14 weeks, we get to come back here and be reunited once again. And then we’ll get to hear all the stories of what God has done and how His Spirit moved. That’s what’s going to make it all worth it. That’s what gets me stoked.

This last week in lectures, we talked about the Holy Spirit. Wow. That’s pretty much all I have to say. In the first lecture, Kayle (the speaker) said something that blew my mind (which happened multiple times throughout the rest of the week). It was just the simplest thing, but this time when I heard it, it really hit home. This is what he said: “The Holy Spirit is God.”


I know. Pretty “elementary,” but it was so powerful. For me, that’s something that I don’t think I realize very often. It’s always like, yeah… God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit… they’re all the same thing…. But when I think about the fact that Jesus IS God, and the Holy Spirit IS God, and God IS God… it just blows me away. I think I tend to categorize it this way in my mind: there’s God, and He is completely God. And within that, there is a part of Him that is Jesus the Son, and there’s a part that’s the Holy Spirit. More of a 1+1+1 = God type of equation. But Kayle put it like this. God is completely God. Jesus the Son is completely God. The Holy Spirit is completely God. 1x1x1 = God. And once that started to sink in, I started to try to change my prayer life. Usually when I pray, I’ll talk to God or Jesus, and if I want I’ll talk about the Holy Spirit, but I never talk to Him. So I started to change that this week. And it amazes me. When ever I start talking to the Holy Spirit, it’s like boom. He is there. And I can feel His presence so strongly. And all it takes is a, “Holy Spirit, I love you,” kind of prayer and boom. There He is.

Pretty crazy, eh?

As crazy as it might seem, it makes me so excited. This Holy Spirit – that is God; that we can talk to – is the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead. And we get to talk to Him. We get to have access to that. We can have access to that same power. How crazy is that? That just gets me stoked. It makes me excited for outreach because I’m ready to see how crazy things will get when we get stretched beyond our comfort zone or beyond our abilities and we have to start really relying on that Holy Spirit and His power. I can’t even begin to imagine what He’s going to do. But it’s going to be so rad. I feel like so many things started shifting and moving in my heart this week, and I’m so ready to see how that continues and where He’s going to go with it!


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