End Lecture Phase. Hello Outreach!

And just like that, it’s over. 

Phase one of DTS is completed. Three months living together with 17 people (who quickly became family) and learning and growing together. And now it’s time to split up and go out and put into practice what we’ve learned here. We just said goodbye to half of our group and sent them off to South Africa. And while it’s sad that we won’t get to hang out with them for the next 14 weeks, I’m so excited to come back and hear all of the stories they’ll have to tell. God’s going to do some pretty rad stuff. And I can’t wait to hear all about it!!  

Ok. Focusing. This might be the official end of lecture phase, but we still had an amazing week of lectures. We talked about the Father Heart of God and how our physical dads shape how we see God. Some of us have had really great dads, and some of us haven’t. And for those who haven’t, that can often skew our perspective of who God is and how he loves us. So it was a week full of processing and asking God to reshape the way we see Him and then reteach us about His love. It was so good. A great way to finish out lecture phase.

Saturday was the final shred day…. And to celebrate and finish out the season strong, I made the trek out to the terrain park at Jacobshorn to watch everyone play around. (Don’t worry, mom, I didn’t ski. I promise.) It was the perfect day to end on, too. Blue bird… Warm… Perfect conditions to work on a goggle tan…. Or goggle burn. Yay. But really. It was a fantastic day. Check it out.   


the Park
Carlos the Cow came too!!!



And in honor of our last week in Davos, I figured I’d give you guys a little snapshot of our city! 



In closing: please keep praying for us! The South Africa team is flying out tomorrow morning and we are flying to Bosnia at 8 tomorrow evening. Pray for safe travels and that the Holy Spirit would start moving now and that it wouldn’t stop!


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