Sarajevo, Zenica, Sarajevo

Hello friends! 

Our team is still over here in Bosnia, and enjoying every minute! We’ve really started to settle into Sarajevo and make some friends, which has been so cool! I’ll try to give you a quick update on what we’ve been up to the past three weeks!  


What we end up focusing on a lot here in Sarajevo is the skate park. We tend to go there as often as we can and hang out with the skaters there and just try to build relationships and make friends. It’s been so much fun to watch the boys up their skate game and also watch how the locals will welcome them into their group and give them pointers. Aleah and I usually just stay on the sidelines, cheering them on and occasionally crushing around on her longboard. (Which, if you’ve never ridden a longboard, you should. They’re super fun. 🙂 ) Earlier this week, we met a backpacker from France at the skate park. He was just hitchhiking his way back to France after traveling around Europe. So we invited him back to the apartment for dinner and just to relax out of the sunshine and other nature elements. When Aleah and I were making dinner that night, we started to think that we wouldn’t have enough food. And that would be awkward. So we just started praying and blessing the food and I promise you that the Holy Spirit stretched it. There should have been no way that we had enough mashed potatoes to feed 5 boys. But there was. And everybody ate enough and no one went hungry! That was super cool. 

Another thing the boys have been working on is building a rail for the skate park. Our first week in Sarajevo, they went out and bought the metal supplies that they would need to build it and have been trying to pull it all together since then. And this week was finally the week! They got it all built and now the only thing left to do is install it at the park! We’re all pretty stoked about it. 

Last week, we spent 6 days in a town about an hour north of Sarajevo called Zenica. (It’s pronounced zen-its-sa.) We were hosted by a group there that runs a daycare/after school program for kids with social and psychological disorders. The kids can come there and eat lunch, get help with homework, and play. So we got to help out around there. We played with kids some, helped out at “the farm” (which worked somewhat like a “halfway” house for older boys) and just try to be a blessing for the people at the center. 

looking down at “the farm” in grace valley

Aleah and I spent a lot of our time in their sewing room. They had a bunch of supplies and a few of the local girls came and ere taught how to use the machines and make things that the center would eventually sell. So Aleah and I put our creative juices to work (…aka Pinterest) and worked on some projects with the girls. It was a little tricky at times, since Aleah and I speak absolutely zero Bosnian. But it made for some good laughs and we all had a great time.  

antonella was an amazing seamstress! perfect seams
the sewing room, aka the sweat shop

We did a lot of praying in Zenica, which was awesome. We would climb up these hills around the city and just look out over the little houses and pray for the city. It was really cool to be a part of that and try to be an encouragement for the people we were with. Plus, the view was pretty amazing.   


It was an amazing week, and we made some pretty cool friends.   

the crew!

It was great to come back to Sarajevo at the end of our time there. We missed all of the friends we have here while we were gone! Especially Kip and Erica and their children (our contacts here in Sarajevo)! 🙂 Being back in this city is fantastic. We all love this place and it’s really starting to feel like home. 

Please keep on praying for us! As we make more friends and invest in relationships, as we continue to try to be a blessing to those around us, and safety as the boys continue to push the limits on their skateboards! 😉 Also, an Around the World DTS from YWAM Denver is flying in today for the next couple weeks. So if you feel led to pray for them and their time here, it would be appreciated! We’re excited to meet them all and work with them and be an encouragement to them! 

To close out this post, I’ll share a picture that explains a little of what Aleah and I have to live with here….:)  

yeah…. but we kinda like our boys

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