Six Weeks In…..

Hello from Sarajevo!

Well friends, it’s been a blast. After six pretty darn stellar weeks in Sarajevo, tonight is finally our last night. We’ve been packing up all day (and eating all of the food we have left) and are peacing out tomorrow morning to head to Croatia! As sad as it might be to leave this place, we’re all super stoked to be heading to a new location. The other day in one of our squad meetings, we talked about what we’ve seen and felt God doing during our time here and He’s done some pretty awesome stuff! But we were also talking about what we wanted to see God do as we continue outreach and it got me really excited to go somewhere new and see what God has planned there, because we know He has great stuff planed for Croatia too! 

Alrighty! Where to start….. We finally got the rail built an installed at the skate park! It’s something that we’ve been trying to accomplish since our first week here and it finally happened a couple of weeks ago. The local skaters were so excited about it and genuinely appreciative! That’s been one of the coolest things to watch during our time here. The skaters really started to befriend the boys and welcome them into their group, which is awesome! Some of the guys have even gotten to connect with a couple of the skaters out of the park too. Overall, we’ve seen some pretty awesome stuff happen at the skatepark.  

the rail got put in!!!!!

Another exciting thing that we had going on the last couple of weeks… There was another YWAM team from Denver, CO here! It was a lot of fun to meet other YWAMers and get to serve alongside them as well! This last week during their time here, we did some children’s ministry in a part of the city. We went to a park and played with kids. There were frisbees, soccer balls, sidewalk chalk, crafts, face paint and nail polish. We were there for three days and we all had a blast. I think the kids did too. ๐Ÿ™‚  

chalk art…. or aleah art…. same thing.



sidewalk chalk and manicures


 It was a lot of fun having the Denver team around. We got to spend some time with them worshiping and encouraging one another. That was great. Just a great reminder that we can meet other believers and still have something that bonds us together so quickly because we all love and serve the same God. How awesome is that?! 

The Gubler family also came for a visit! We had so much fun while they were here and it was like having a piece of home here in Sarajevo. (And that wasn’t just because they brought us chocolate. Although, I have to say that this whole DTS thing has officially wrecked me when it comes to chocolate. Nothing will ever be good enough again.) For me at least, having them here reminded me of all of the things that I had learned and grown through back in Davos. For some reason, I had started to forget all of the things God had spoken to me during the lecture phase. But just being able to spend time with Reto and Judy and their kids reminded me that the things that happened in Switzerland didn’t stop when I came on outreach. Gods still the same! He’s still speaking into my identity and showing me more of Himself and teaching me how to listen to Him.

I’ll wrap up with a few prayer requests:

We’re driving to Croatia tomorrow, so pray for safe travels! Also, pray for our time there. We’re asking God to show up in big ways and we’re hoping to see some pretty amazing Holy Spirit movement while we’re there. So feel free to join us in praying for that! And just prayer for continued safety and health would be awesome! 

We aren’t sure what our wifi situation is going to be like there yet, so this might be the last update for a while. Thank you all for your prayers! 

Peace out, homies! ๐Ÿ™‚ 


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