It’s Hot Here

Like really hot. 

Like I hate going outside some afternoons hot. 

Like I want to shave off all of my hair hot. 

Fun fact about Bosnia…. They don’t really believe in air conditioners. Not in homes, at least. So even though the temperature is between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius most days in the summer, most homes won’t have an air conditioner. Some stores will be cool, but not what I would call “American AC” cool. Except for this bakery…. This is one of the only places I’ve been where I’m actually starting to get a little chilly in shorts and a tank top. And honestly, I’m not even mad. It’s pretty glorious. 

Besides being hot and sweaty almost all of the time, this is what we’ve been up to over the past few weeks! 

banja luka

We went on a prayer “stand” (because it was too hot to walk up the hill. So we drove up, stood at the top to pray, and drove back down) and prayed for the city. I think we’ve gotten to do this in every location, and it’s honestly one of my favorite things. I love getting to stand up above the city (even if we have to hike to get there) and look down on it as we pray. All of the cities we’ve visited have been beautiful. And being able to admire the beauty from afar and ask God what He has for that city gives me an even deeper appreciation for it. Whenever we meet locals, they will almost always ask what we think of their home. My response will probably include that I think it’s a beautiful city, because I’ve gotten to see the beauty and see the Father’s heart in it and for it.  

photobooth funnnn

 We’ve gotten to do a lot of ministry at a children’s home close to where we’re staying. We brought a “photo booth” with props one of the times we visited and the kids loved it! (At least I think they did…. I don’t speak Serbian and they don’t speak English. So I guess I really don’t know. But they we’re laughing and happy for the most part. So I think it was good.)

serbian heritage

We got to go on an “outing” with the kids to traditional Serbian village. [To my homies in Kittson County, think Lake Bronson museum.] The picture above is where we stopped to have a snack, looking down on the little village and overlooking the landscape. If you scroll down, you’ll see a few more fun pictures from that afternoon. 

its nick and a chicken coop

the inside of one of the cabins… ity-bity living space
my little friend. i never learned her name… but she was the sweetest thing….

 We’ve also had the chance to hang out with some skaters here, which has been awesome. We invited a bunch of them over for dinner one night last week and even though only a few of them came and they didn’t hang out for too long, it was still a blast. I think we all just love hanging out with skaters, so we were stoked that they came to hang out for a while. 

Another big project we worked on for a while… We painted 5 doors and door frames in the building we’re staying in.  Three days filled with sanding, paint fumes, and hot sunshine…. But they all got finished and (not to brag or angthing) they look awesome. 

We have one week left here in Banja Luka, and we get to spend it at camp! We’re helping out at a kids camp run by the church that’s hosting us and it’s going to be intense! (But actually though… We get to sleep in tents. Still not sure how I feel about that, but hey. I’m open to it and it’ll be an adventure. Woo!) So we’ve been prepping for that this week and we head out tomorrow afternoon and camp starts Monday! It’s going to be an awesome (sweaty) six days and we’re all stoked to see God move! Please keep us and the students in your prayers this week. We want to see God touch hearts and rock worlds this week. The theme for the camp is the fruts of the Spirit and each of us has a devotional time when we get to teach on one of the “fruits.” It’s going to be an awesome week! 

Our time here in Banja Luka has flown by. At the beginning of each week, at least one of us will comment on how long we’ve been here and how little time is left on outreach. Like I said, we have one week left here, then we head back to Sarajevo for about 12 days, and then back to Davos! It’s crazy to think that in just over a month, I’ll be back in the States. 

Hold on, friends!!! I’mma be home soon!! 🙂 

k bye

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