Back in the Swiss

We’re back in Switzerland, friends! Outreach wrapped up well, and now there’s two weeks of debrief between me and my flight home. I keep asking myself how this happened so quickly. On the drive back to the base from the Zurich airport, it was strange to see so much green instead of snow. But Switzerland is still beautiful, no matter what color the landscape is. And it’s so good to be back. It feels like home. You know when you’ve been away from home for a long time and that first second when you walk into your house, you smell it. Home. It just smells like home. That’s how it was walking into the base. After 14 weeks away, it felt like we were finally coming home again. Joy, Aleah and I were talking late last night about how we feel like we’re different people than we were when we first came here. I think that’s why this place feels so much like home. I’ve felt God’s presence in real ways and He’s changed major parts of my heart here in this house. So no matter where I go or how far away from Davos I am, this will always be one of my homes. Coming here will forever be coming home.

Ok. End of sentimental musings. Let me tell you about the last few weeks of outreach.

For our final 10-12 days of outreach, we were back in Sarajevo. It was great. That city completely stole my heart the first time around and it was so great to have the chance to go back to it for a bit. We hiked up to the fort one last time to watch the sunset and pray for the city. One thing that we all commented on was how the atmosphere of the city felt different. It was more peaceful. Before we’d talked about that much, I was feeling a little bummed out. I felt like outreach was over and we hadn’t made that much of a difference. And to be honest, I was a little frustrated about it. But then God reminded me that I’m not the one that makes a difference. He is. And when He starts something, He promises to finish it. So our time in Sarajevo was short, but we got to be a part of the work that He is doing there. The city felt different, and I felt like God was saying that we helped that. Our presence in that city for six weeks helped to change the atmosphere. But it wasn’t just us. It was the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit doesn’t leave a place when we do. He’s every where and He’s working all the time. So even though we left Sarajevo on Friday, He didn’t. He’s still there doing the work that He started. The work that we got to take part in. That gives me hope. And freedom. Because on my own, I can’t change a whole city. But with the Spirit, we can make a lasting impact and a real difference in bigger ways than we realize sometimes.

It was fun to be back and to see some of the friends that we made the first time around. We got to hang out at the skate park a bit with some of the local skaters, Aleah and I got to reconnect with a friend and go to her house for an authentic, home-cooked Bosnian meal. Hands down, that was the best food I’d had on our entire outreach. (Sorry Erica… 😉 ) It was a lot of fun to get to hang out with her and her mother for a couple of hours that evening. We went hoping to be a blessing to them, but when we left (and I could barely keep my eyes open… hello food coma), I felt so blessed by them. It was so good to just sit in their living room and watch them banter back and forth in Bosnian, even if it made me miss my mom more than I already do.

We also got to spend some good quality time with the Copeland family. (Kip and Erica, if you guys are reading this, I miss you guys and your adorable children. I hope you’re all doing well. 🙂 ) We worshiped, we ate tons of food, we laughed, we cried, and we celebrated friendship. Their family was a huge blessing to our team throughout all of outreach and I’m so glad that God brought them into my life. Even if Sarajevo hadn’t stolen my heart, I’d still have to make a trip back there at some point just to see them. They’re practically family now.

And now we’re back in Davos once again. Debrief officially starts on Monday and I’m excited. It’s been great to see the other team and I can’t wait to hear all of the stories!

Here’s some pictures to finish out this post:

sunset over sarajevo
prettttty lights
my favorite view of the city: from kip and erica’s balcony
caleb… he’s kinda my favorite
anna kate 🙂
old town
old town
full sendy ftb

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